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1) Does the Pest Professional have expertise in YOUR specific industry? Your business has unique needs and unique priorities that might be entirely different than a company in a different business sector. When hiring a pest control company for your business - be sure they have industry specific experience to meet your needs.  


2) Credentials and Certifications - Beyond a business license - you'll want to ask and find out about their certifications - Do they have any Pest Management Industry certifications? Are the Registered? Do they have memberships in pest associations? Do they have additional contractor certifications? All of the above are important factors you'll want to know before hiring a pest management firm to work in your business.


3) Customized programs with a focus on preventative control - Here at Your Pest Control Company we focus on identifying and eliminating conditions conducive to pest infestation - this is an important requirement any commercial pest company should bring to the table along with a focus on Integrated Pest Management (IPM).


4) A customer web portal - which provides you with pest trends, activity reports and billing information 


Here at Your  Pest Control Company we have all of the above - if you're looking to hire a Pest Management firm for your business - call us today. 

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